Hype Fitness Studio opened in January of 2012. We
created Hype with the mindset to elevate what Norman,
Oklahoman has known as fitness, little did we imagine
Hype’s clientele would slowly expand to reach those
outside of Norman as well.  Although my staff has
changed over the years one thing has remained the
same, me. Hello, my name is Tracy Winters and I am
the owner and head trainer at Hype.  I have trained
people from all walks of life since 2004 after graduating
from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor’s in
Health & Sports Sciences. The year I graduated
college I had already begun changing my life
personally and physically.  
The mid-latter part of my 20’s I started competing regionally and nationally in the NPC, achieving multiple titles in both
Fitness and Figure, which led me to many great places.  I received the opportunity to be a part of NBC’s American Ninja
Warrior in Dallas, TX in 2013.  I also tried out for the amazing, travelling Cirque Du Solei in 2011.  Those are just a few of
my favorites, but through all these accomplishments in the “fitness industry”, I must say becoming the sole owner of Hype
trumps all the debuts and trophies I have ever earned!

Although, my personal strength and focus is geared in the empowerment of young female athletes, Hype’s staff picks up
the fitness needs of both males and females of all ages and all walks of life in the  general population.  Please check out
our “Trainers” page for more information about the individual accomplishments and specializations of our trainers.  In
short, Hype provides a 3,800 square foot space for general fitness, sports performance, and tumbling taught by some of
the best trainers around!

Our mission at Hype is to meet the fitness needs of our clientele, while providing a positive, energetic atmosphere for
each person that enters through our doors. I believe every one of us get into fitness for a specific purpose, I got into
training for multiple reasons and I hope to share my personal story one day.  Until then, I want to note that Hype is my
baby and I know I speak for my staff when I say they definitely have that same degree of passion for helping others as I
do!  I could not be more thankful for each one of my trainers and instructors!  In closing, we at Hype have been so
undeservingly blessed by the favor of God that covers us daily and want to share that favor with each of you!  Please
come by or call us today!  

God’s Best!         
- Tracy Winters  

Check out my you tube channel for past videos!